If you’re like me you have probably been pretty frustrated watching the Board of Aldermen lately. Instead of Closing the Workhouse, we’re dragging our feet. Instead of planning for the impending reduction of wards, we’re fighting every effort to come up with an equitable plan. Instead of implementing proven strategies…

I want to thank the St. Louis American community newspaper for publishing my platform as part of their endorsement process. You can read that here.

Unsurprisingly, the St. Louis Post-Dispatch did not publish a word I said. You can read my responses to their questions below.

“Thank you Mr. Robberson…

November 6th Ballot Issues Endorsements

Amendment 1 (CLEAN Missouri)— Vote Yes

Amendment 1 is the most important issue on the November 6th midterm ballot. Quite simply, Amendment 1 enacts good government ethics reforms — to clean up Missouri politics — that are necessary to take steps toward ending the corruptive influence that special interests have in our political system.

What does Amendment 1 (CLEAN Missouri) do?

  1. Bans all…

Setting a New Standard for Development in St. Louis

On September 13th, 2017 Tower Grove South has the opportunity to set a precedent for how development is done for the rest of the City by voting for a first-of-its kind Community Benefit Agreement that was negotiated by the community in which the project is occurring.

What are Community Benefit Agreements?

I first learned about…

Megan Ellyia Green

Unapologically Progressive | 15th Ward Alderwoman | PhD Ed Policy | Former DNC Member | STL City

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