Megan Ellyia Green’s April 6th Voter Guide

Mayor — Tishaura Jones

In 2017 I wrote about the need to chart a different direction for our City as I laid out my reasons for supporting Tishaura Jones for Mayor. In 2021, many of those reasons for supporting her still hold true today. As I detailed in my endorsement letter, I do believe that we are in a pivotal moment in the history of our City, and to create the real change that our City needs, we need to elect movement accountable politicians. It is for this reason, that in 2021, I am still advocating a vote for Tishaura Jones for Mayor.

Comptroller — Darlene Green

Comptroller Green has been the fiscal watchdog for our City. She has taken brave stances against special interests to stop the privatization of our airport, tax-breaks to sports stadiums that would have hurt our credit rating, and she has been supportive of the efforts of Close the Workhouse. Let’s re-elect Comptroller Green on April 6th.

#FlipTheBoard (Of Aldermen)

Shedrick Kelley — 7th Ward

Bill Stephens — 12th Ward

Anne Schweitzer — 13th Ward

Tina “Sweet-T” Pihl — 17th Ward

St. Louis Public Schools School Board

Alisha Sonnier

I have known Alisha Sonnier since she was a student organizer with Tribe X coming out of the Ferguson Uprising, leading what would become known as OccupySLU. She was wise beyond her years then, she’s even wiser now. I have watched her grow into a fierce community advocate. When she called me last fall to say that she was considering running for the school board to bring a voice for younger people to the Board, I was elated. She is the exact type of young person we should be supporting as she embodies inside-outside organizing, combining lived experience with policy knowledge, and always puts the community at the center of her decision-making. In addition to being an activist, Alisha has a BS in Psychology and currently works as a community mental health advocate. With so many of our children growing up in trauma, I think she will bring an important trauma-informed voice, in addition to a voice for youth, to decision-making at SLPS.

Matt Davis

Matt Davis is a parent with two children attending SLPS. He is also an attorney whose practice centers on disability, mental health, pension rights and healthcare advocacy for individuals and families, and if elected, would be the only attorney on the School Board. As both an SLPS parent and an attorney, he is uniquely positioned to understand the structural issues that exist within SLPS with regard to teacher recruitment/retention, the quality of school buildings, and the allocation of resources, as well as how we can address these issues. The next school board will need to think outside of the box for solutions that grow St. Louis Public Schools’ student population and protect public education. Matt has the vision and the knowledge to do both. Having a parent voice and a legal mind on the School Board are both needed skillsets.

Natalie Vowell

Natalie Vowell is the only incumbent running for re-election to the School Board. During her tenure, Natalie was on the executive leadership team that oversaw the return of local control. Since being on the Board, she has been elected as an officer by her fellow Board Members every year. In 2019, she was appointed as St. Louis’ representative on the Board of Directors for the Missouri School Boards Association. She was instrumental is getting TIF/tax abatement reform into the legislative agenda for SLPS, drafted and passed a bylaws changed to add a student representative to the School Board, and worked with the Board of Election Commissioners to give SLPS students the opportunity to serve as paid poll workers on Election Day. Natalie has vital institutional knowledge, and should be retained as a Board member as the Board continues to develop its strategic plan and direction after regaining local control from the State Appointed Board (SAB).

Proposition E

Proposition E is asking voters to renew the 1% earnings tax paid by people who live or work in the City of St. Louis. This is not a tax increase, rather is a renewal of an already existing tax. Residents in the City of St. Louis are required to reauthorize the earnings tax every five years because of a statewide ballot initiative passed by Rex Sinquefield in 2010 that requires us to do so. The earnings tax is 37% of the city budget and pays for city services, such as trash and recycling, first responders, and parks and recreational services. If the earnings tax were to go away, city services would decrease and possibly be privatized, public employees would lose their jobs, and sales taxes and property taxes would be increased to make up the difference. On April 6th, continue investing in our City by voting Yes on E.

Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District

Proposition Y — Vote Yes

Propositions 1- 5 — Vote Yes

These propositions are intended to update and modernize the MSD charter.

Proposition 1

Removes obsolete provisions, modernizes certain provisions, references and languages.

Proposition 2

Current Charter requires yes votes from a minimum of 2 Board Members from each appointing authority, the City and County, to pass any ordinance, rule, etc. Under this new rule if at least five members are present and with unanimous consent, any four yes votes will suffice for passage.

Proposition 3

Deals with the MSD Rate Commission. It clarifies participation, length of proceedings, and a review factor.

Proposition 4

Changes compensation for Trustees from $300/year to $600/year.

Proposition 5

Permits the District to engage the same independent auditing firm in excess of five consecutive years. This is only true if the District holds a competitive bid process for auditing services and the lead audit partner/concurring partner is changed. More information on all MSD ballot propositions can be found here.



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Megan Ellyia Green

Megan Ellyia Green


Unapologically Progressive | 15th Ward Alderwoman | PhD Ed Policy | Former DNC Member | STL City