Vote YES on Props 1 & R on Tuesday, April 5th

Megan Ellyia Green
2 min readApr 3, 2022

Election Day is once again right around the corner. There are only two small propositions on the ballot that have big implications. I am asking you to vote YES on Props 1 and R on Tuesday, April 5th.

Prop 1 is a no tax increase $50 million bond initiative to support infrastructure improvements in St. Louis City. St. Louis has identified more than $175 million in critical capital improvements necessary to continuing city services and keeping our residents safe. It’s no secret — our city’s infrastructure has seen better days. I know that we are all tired of the potholes, cracked sidewalks, and crumbling bridges. Prop 1 will help us make these needed repairs. In addition to helping to fund millions of dollars in street and bridge repairs, Prop 1 will provide funds to support first responders and EMS services, renovate our parks and rec facilities, meet accessibility needs across St. Louis, and provide the required matching funds for federal infrastructure funding that is coming our way.

Authorizing Ordinance Language

All of these needs were identified through a citizens advisory committee of St. Louis residents from each ward who identified and prioritized infrastructure needs. You can find more information about Proposition 1 here.

Prop R is a Charter Amendment with a series of common sense democracy reforms including:

  • creating strong conflict of interest laws to prohibit Aldermen from taking official action on matters where they have a personal or financial conflict of interest, and requiring public disclosure of conflicts of interests.
  • requiring that any changes made to Prop D — the voter approved democracy reforms that created non-partisan elections, runoffs, and approval voting — must go back before voters. This is important because the Board of Aldermen keeps trying to repeal Prop D in spite of the fact that is was approved by 67% of voters.
  • making our titles gender neutral (Alder or Alderperson).
  • taking future redistricting out of the hands of the Board of Aldermen and into the hands of an independent citizens commission.

You can find out more information about Prop R here.

Thank you for voting. I appreciate your support for Props 1 and R on Tuesday, April 5th.



Megan Ellyia Green

Unapologically Progressive | 15th Ward Alderwoman | PhD Ed Policy | Former DNC Member | STL City