Vote YES on Props 1 & R on Tuesday, April 5th

Authorizing Ordinance Language
  • creating strong conflict of interest laws to prohibit Aldermen from taking official action on matters where they have a personal or financial conflict of interest, and requiring public disclosure of conflicts of interests.
  • requiring that any changes made to Prop D — the voter approved democracy reforms that created non-partisan elections, runoffs, and approval voting — must go back before voters. This is important because the Board of Aldermen keeps trying to repeal Prop D in spite of the fact that is was approved by 67% of voters.
  • making our titles gender neutral (Alder or Alderperson).
  • taking future redistricting out of the hands of the Board of Aldermen and into the hands of an independent citizens commission.



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Megan Ellyia Green

Megan Ellyia Green


Unapologically Progressive | 15th Ward Alderwoman | PhD Ed Policy | Former DNC Member | STL City